*** Announcement: the end of gobirding.eu ***

Websites with domains ending in .eu must be registered to an address within the European Union. Very regrettably, and as a result of a long successful campaign of lies, Britain has chosen to leave the EU. Until recently there was some hope that this decision would be overturned, but with the disasterous result of the UK General Election on 12th December it now looks inevitable that Britain will indeed leave.

One of the many unintended negative consequences of this decision is that all .eu websites registered in the UK will not be allowed to continue unless they can be re-registered to an address in the EU. As my address will not be in the EU after Brexit, this website will soon be permanently taken offline.

I am sorry for any disappointment this may cause, but itís pretty unimportant compared to the other consequences of Brexit

Thank you for all your support over the years.

Dave Appleton, 13th December 2019

Thanks for visiting www.gobirding.eu. Currently there are five parts to this site:


Photo pages

1) Photo Pages

This section provides reference material - showing multiple photos of each species on a single page (normally one page per species). It aims to show the variation possible within each species, not just some token high quality images of textbook examples.

Initially it includes species you might encounter in Europe and the text is biased towards my home location (Norfolk in England).

The section is not complete - I'm working on it whenever I get a chance and so far I've got to part way through the gulls.


2) Trip Reports

I have benefited greatly from other people's trip reports and this section is intended partly to return the favour and partly to help me re-live the memories. It contains comprehensive details of my holidays with usually large numbers of photos.

Typically there is an overview of the trip which will contain scenery photos follwed by a systematic list containing details and photos of the birds and animals I encountered during the holiday.

trip reports



3) Birding Diary

My personal diary of the birds I encounter from day to day.

Following feedback from visitors I've now split my diary pages into two sections - this one mainly covering birding and the other mainly covering moths. I may still mention a few non-avian highlights in the birding diary, but I'll now be keeping the birds as the main topic.

The archives for 2007-2014 remain a mix of birding and mothing.

4) Mothing Diary

By popular demand I've now separated out my mothing diary from my birding one so this one will cover the highlights from my moth trap or other mothing activity. It will also include other wildlife like butterflies and dragonflies, but I'll keep most of the birding tales in the Birding Diary.

The archives for 2007-2014 remain a mix of birding and mothing.




5) The Blog

Blog posts will be ad hoc, as and when I have something to say or something to ask. That might be a bird that's left me scratching my head or that's aroused my curiosity in some way, or perhaps just something I learned or found interesting.

The blog has the functionality for you to leave comments, and I would value your contributions!


I have a number of plans for how I might develop this site further, but first I will try and get the Photo Pages completed.

Please do not use any of my photos without permission - click here for details of how to obtain my permission. Thank you.

Feedback is always welcome - please do get in touch.

Thanks for visiting gobirding.eu


Dave Appleton