White-throated Robin

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Corvids to Sparrows


Jay Garrulus glandarius - Common in some areas; birds belonged to the distinctive race atricapillus, strikingly different from western European birds.

Chough, Demirkazik, 18-May-10 Chough, Demirkazik, 18-May-10

Jay, Demircili and Uzuncaburç, 10th May

Magpie Pica pica - Only one before we arrived at Demirkazık but thereafter quite a few seen.

Magpie, Camardi, 17-May-10  

Magpie, Ҫamardi, 17th May

Chough (Red-billed Chough) Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax - At least a dozen, probably more, in the Demirkazık area.

Chough, Demirkazik, 18-May-10  

Chough, Demirkazık, 18th May

Alpine Chough (Yellow-billed Chough) Pyrrhocorax graculus - 4 at Nemrut Dağı and at least 6 in the Demirkazık area.

Jackdaw Corvus monedula - Small numbers at a few places, seemed to belong to the whiter-collared race soemmerringii.

Rook Corvus frugilegus - Only seen at 2-3 locations along the road between Göreme and Konya.

Hooded Crow Corvus cornix - The commonest corvid in most places with over 130 noted.

Hooded Crow, Goksu Delta, 10-May-10 Hooded Crow, Birecik, 12-May-10

Hooded Crow, Göksu Delta, 10th May

Hooded Crow, Birecik, 12th May

Raven Corvus corax - One between Anamur and Silifke and another at Göksu Delta, but surprisingly none seen in the more mountainous areas.

Raven, Goksu Delta, 9-May-10  

Raven, Göksu Delta, 9th May

Starling Sturnus vulgaris - Common in some areas but in others I went days without seeing any. No Rosy ones.

House Sparrow Passer domesticus - Abundant pretty much everywhere - seen every day.

Spanish Sparrow Passer hispaniolensis - Seen at 8 locations, some of which were small numbers or single birds while others were large colonies, usually mixed with House Sparrows.

Tree Sparrow Passer montanus - Pairs at the Özşafak Pension and nearby at Aladağlar; another pair nesting in one of several clay pots adorning a small tree at Göreme.

Tree Sparrow, Goreme, 20-May-10 Tree Sparrow, Camardi, 16-May-10

Tree Sparrow, Göreme, 20th May

Tree Sparrow, Özşafak Pension, Ҫamardi, 16th May

Dead Sea Sparrow Passer moabiticus - Not hard to find these diminutive but colourful sparrows in the Birecik area where about 15 seen. Several were around the gravel pits on the north side of the town and quite a few more were further out of town on the east side of the river.

Dead Sea Sparrow, Birecik, 12-May-10 Dead Sea Sparrow, Birecik, 12-May-10

Dead Sea Sparrow, Birecik, 12th May


Dead Sea Sparrow, N of Birecik, 12-May-10  

Dead Sea Sparrow, north of Birecik, 12th May

Rock Sparrow Petronia petronia - Although none seen during the first half of the holiday this species proved very common in the hillier areas at Nemrut Dağı and especially around Demirkazık and Cappadocia.

Rock Sparrow, Demirkazik, 17-May-10 Rock Sparrow, Demirkazik, 17-May-10

Rock Sparrow, Demirkazık, 17th May


Rock Sparrow, Demirkazik, 18-May-10 Rock Sparrow, Gumusler, 18-May-10

Rock Sparrow, Demirkazık, 18th May

Rock Sparrow, Gümüşler Monastery, 18th May

Pale Rock Sparrow Petronia brachydactyla - Up to 8 at Nemrut Dağı where several individuals were delivering their distinctive song right beside the road.

Pale Rock Sparrow, Nemrut Dagi, 15-May-10 Pale Rock Sparrow, Nemrut Dagi, 15-May-10
Pale Rock Sparrow, Nemrut Dagi, 16-May-10  

Pale Rock Sparrows, Nemrut Dağı, 15th-16th May

Yellow-throated Sparrow (Chestnut-shouldered Petronia) Gymnoris xanthocollis - 2 north of Birecik.

Yellow-throated Sparrow, N of Birecik, 12-May-10  

Yellow-throated Sparrow, north of Birecik, 12th May


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