White-throated Robin

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This was a two week trip with my wife. Vitty isn't into birds so it wasn't all birding but a mix of birds, food, history and architecture. The map above shows the route, the main areas being marked as follows: B = Göksu Delta, C = Birecik, D = Nemrut Dağı, E = Demirkazık, F = Güzelyurt, G = Göreme, H = Akseki and I = Antalya Airport.

As usual there are two parts to this report:

The trip produced 37 new birds for me, plus another 3 that were my first in the Western Palaearctic. These included my 1000th species for the world, See-see Partridge.

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Durnalik Aladaglar

First section - daily account of the itinerary including photos of scenery and historic sites


Little Bittern Chukar

1. Wildfowl to Flamingoes


Spur-winged Plover Little Crake

2. Raptors to Terns


Striated Scops Owl White-throated Kingfisher

3. Doves to Woodpeckers


Crested Lark Black-headed Wagtail

4. Larks to Accentors


Kurdish Wheatear White-throated Robin

5. Robins, Chats and Thrushes


Graceful Warbler Menetries's Warbler

6. Warblers, Flycatchers and Babblers


White-spectacled Bulbuls Rock Nuthatch

7. Tits to Bulbuls


Rock Sparrow Dead Sea Sparrow

8. Corvids to Sparrows


Cinereous Bunting Crimson-winged Finch

9. Finches and Buntings


Black Pennant Spur-thighed Tortoise

10. Non-avian wildlife (except butterflies and moths)


Zephyr Blue Southern Grayling

11. Butterflies and moths