Sicily trip report header

Another holiday lasting just under two weeks (23rd April to 5th May 2012). I went with my wife who isn't into birding but prefers local cuisine, history and architecture. Consequently there was a mixture of birds and other things - this report concentrates on the birds and wildlife, although some of the other things are mentioned in the itinerary section of the report.

For me this holiday wasn't a roaring success. But there were some enjoyable moments and I'm sure it could have been much better had it been a full-on birding holiday, especially if I'd had had the benefit of local knowledge (it was a shame Andrea Corso was busy when I was there). Personally I found the driving unusually stressful and I often found it difficult to escape to somewhere quiet and pleasant which compounded this. I suspect I'd have birded better had I been more relaxed and found more birds, better birds and made fewer mistakes.

Anyway, there were some good moments, and I saw a lot of birds I don't see very often (although just one new bird: Sicilian Rock Partridge). The highlight of the trip for me was, unusually, not a bird at all, but seeing Mount Etna erupt on our first night - an amazing experience!

As usual there are two parts to this report:


Itinerary - details of the sites visited in diary form with summaries of the birds seen but photos only of scenery, architecture, etc, not birds or wildlife

Systematic list - full details of all the birds and other wildlife seen with lots of photos

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