Southern Malawi header: Lilian's Lovebirds

Systemmatic list

This section contains details of every species of bird, mammal, reptile, butterfly and other insect identified or photographed during this trip.

I have done my best to identify things correctly, but with just one previous visit to the continent I'm not an expert on African bird ID (and even less so the other life forms). If you notice any errors, or if you can confirm any of the tentative IDs then please do get in touch. You can do that by clicking on the contact me link at the top of every page. Thanks!

As there are lots of photos and some visitors have slow connections I've spread the list out over several pages. I suggest starting at the first page and working through, but if you want to drop in to sections that interest you then the photos below are links to each page (hover over each photo to see what's on the page it will take you to).

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