Quail (Common Quail) Coturnix coturnix

A scarce breeding bird in Norfolk and the rest of the UK, and much more often heard than seen. Although wintering birds are occasionally recorded in Norfolk (I once flushed one during a blizzard on 1st February) the majority move south for the winter. They are more numerous in parts of Europe but in most areas still provide a challenge to get good views.

So far I've not seen one in Europe out in the open anywhere near long enough to get a photo but a pair in Africa were more obliging. These could conceivably have belonged to the race africana which occurs in Malawi as an intra-African migrant and is darker than the nominate coturnix from Europe, but they are more likely to be the locally resident and even darker race erlangeri.

Common Quail, Nyika, 6-Oct-08 Common Quail, Nyika, 6-Oct-08
Common Quail, Nyika, 6-Oct-08

pair of Common Quail (probably race erlangeri), Nyika Plateau (Malawi), 6th October 2008