Lanner (Lanner Falcon) Falco biarmicus

In Europe this species is normally restricted to the south-east, west to Italy. Vagrants may appear in Britain very occasionally but the situation is clouded by the presence of falconers' escapes and so no records are accepted as relating to genuinely wild vagrants. European birds belong to the race feldeggii but for now the only photos I can bring you are nominate biarmicus from Africa, which have plain creamy-buff underparts compared to the streaked white underparts of feldeggii.

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Lanner (race biarmicus), Mpatsanjoka, Senga Bay (Malawi), 9th October 2008


I'm not 100% sure about the identity of the following bird - at first I thought it was a Peregine but modified my ID as it flew away and became distant! If you think it's identifiable from these small images then please get in touch!

probable Lanner (race biarmicus), Chongoni (Malawi), 25th May 2011